The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers

The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers (LAWR or Bahithat) is a forum for dynamic dialogue and the free exchange of ideas and expertise. As its members engage in the production of quality research, LAWR provides a venue for encouraging women’s self-expression, meeting, and networking. LAWR is interested in safeguarding researchers’ rights and in promoting the advancement of the work of women researchers. especially the young and less experienced. It encourages group work that frequently includes researchers of both genders, from outside the association.
LAWR produces a yearly volume “Bahithat”. It holds monthly meetings in each of which a research project is introduced and/or discussed. Work-days around chosen topics are held three or four times each year. Beside these fixed activities, LAWR organizes conferences and work-shops on topics like Children’s Literature, Feminism, Civil Society, and Women and Money.
LAWR is an independent non-profit association. Its membership currently includes thirty seven women of varied ages, academic backgrounds, training, and interests in the sciences and humanities. Most of its members are, or were, affiliated to one of the universities andor research centers in Lebanon. LAWR was formally established in 1992 to bridge intellectual exchange and maintain friendly relations between the two civil-war- divided sections of Beirut. It has remained active since then.
With the exception of one employee who manages the office, LAWR’s executives are democratically elected volunteers. All members are keen on maintaining a non-hierarchical form of interaction and a friendly, cooperative, informal environment, in keeping with feminist ideas of organization and association.

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