Our Vision

The Association of Lebanese Women Researchers (Bahithat) is a venue/forum for free exchange  of ideas and dialogue without any restraints.  Bahithat provides researchers with the possibility of encountering/meeting other researchers on the personal, human, and on the scientific research level. It also strives to raise women’s voices and have these voices heard in the research domain after having been dismissed or overlooked for ages. 

 Bahithat is a non-hierarchical framework that embraces democratic process and procedures, supports the individuality of its members and offers them the opportunity to undertake joint research among themselves or with other researchers in various fields of scientific research. It is an advocate of the intellectual rights of researchers and their research outputs. 

The Association is a research outfit that adopts diversity as its overarching principle, whether at the level of scientific specializations in various branches of human knowledge, or at the level of its research approaches (feminist, women, or gender, among others), or at the level of its academic origins (various universities).

The Association encourages research, especially among young women researchers, and strives to deepen the interaction between different generations of researchers in order to create an environment of dynamic, live language of communication that reflects the issues and concerns of society: and emanates from their own intrinsic interests as academicians or from their interaction with worldwide sources of knowledge.

Bahithat supports and insures the maturing of ideas and experiences expressed in texts dealing with the marginal, the different/dissimilar, and the “other”, or creative initiatives and practices addressing taboos and stigmas , as well as research capturing the sensitivities of various social strata of individuals, groups, and organizations.

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