The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers

An important feature distinguishing LAWR from most other associations is its non-hierarchical structure.  Ever since the association’s inception, members of LAWR have repeatedly expressed their wariness of rigid strict structuring and of any form of authoritarian leadership, likely to produce ‘stars’ posing as the ‘speakers’ of the association.   LAWR went a long way in maintaining the type of structure it prefers while remaining true to the principles, values and ground-rules it had stipulated for itself.    Its progressive horizontal organization is maintained by means of revising its Internal Regulations, whenever the need arises. The role of these Regulations is to complement the Statutes while providing the organizational framework for integrating new experiences and additional awareness.  It has transpired in regulating internal and external activities and in reinforcing traditions that have proven to be useful. LAWR appears to be heading towards becoming settled in its organizational structure while keeping the door open for free revisions that substitute what is efficient and suitable to whatever impedes productivity or harmony or strays away from the goals the association set for itself.


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